Keiran Melikoff

yoga, pilates, & bodyweight practitioner, online presenter

Yoga, Pilates, and bodyweight exercises have long been of benefit to individuals looking to improve their physical and mental health and wellness. When combined, these three modalities can offer a surprisingly robust suite of benefits to those who take the time to engage in them.

First, yoga, Pilates and bodyweight exercises can help to promote physical flexibility while providing a connection between the mind, body and soul. This can be incredibly beneficial for individuals looking to increase their physical range of motion and improve their understanding of their body’s capabilities. As well, the practices can help to increase focus and mindfulness, which can help individuals to stay in the present moment.

Second, each of the practices can help to promote strength, mobility and stability in the body, allowing individuals to better complete everyday activities. For example, Pilates can help to strengthen the core, allowing individuals to better maintain balance and stability. Similarly, bodyweight exercises can increase muscular strength, helping to improve posture and agility.

Third, when combined, the practices can help to promote improved cardiovascular and respiratory health, along with metabolism and circulation. The physical activity and breathing exercises included in each practice can help the body to cope with the naturally occurring physical and mental stress that individuals may experience, while also helping to regulate the heart rate. This can promote a reduction in stress, while increasing the body’s ability to recover after physical activity.

Finally, each of the practices can help to create a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Combined, they can help individuals to better integrate physical fitness, mindfulness and nutrition into their lives in a way that doesn’t interfere with their other activities, responsibilities and goals. This can help individuals to achieve and maintain a more balanced lifestyle.

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Dynamic Pilates Classes

Melikoff Dynamic Pilates will give you a platform to develop postural alignment, strength, endurance and muscular balance.

Traditional Pilates

Melikoff Pilates is ideal for rehabilitation and also provides incredible results for those wishing to strengthen and tone their body.


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My methods help clients achieve their goals

Unfortunately we don’t all start off superhuman, it is something that you can become though! 
It can be done, even after only two sessions per week.

This lady was once much heavier than she wanted to be and asked a colleague how they were so toned, fit and healthy looking. The colleague replied “Melikoff Core Conditioning (Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics).”
Now in her late 30s she is slim, strong and flexible. Achieved through a combination of eating a natural unprocessed healthy diet and regularly attending my classes.

Many of my clients want a classic dancer’s body; strong, flexible, supple, long and lean.

Achieving this fantastic new shape is not sorcery, just focused effort, consistency and a personal commitment to yourself to truly transform your life.

Two classes per week soon adds up

The Melikoff Core Conditioning Training System works for all age groups

This student of mine is over 60 and has had no issues keeping up with the dynamic pilates class. Stamina, strength and flexibility are not diminished by age and the results of my training methods are still clearly visible despite her age.


Melikoff Pilates is the only thing that’s worked for me to give me the results that I’ve wanted...a strong, lean body with improved flexibility. The challenge of Keiran’s classes never gets easier but the results only get better. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and takes a huge amount of pride in being the best out there. Having been a disciple of Keiran’s for 4 years now, I know I will never go back to other exercise regimes. Melikoff Pilates is fun, it’s hard but it works!

I've been attending Keiran's classes, on and off, for over a decade. He helped me recover from a major back operation and got me back to fitness after the birth of my second child. After I moved abroad, I really missed his classes. Now, with his online class I can participate again! It has been a joy to be back in class, I love the way it makes me feel and look. Also, he is super knowledgeable and very very funny. I highly recommend him to you!

Keiran’s classes are something I never get bored of, unlike the gym or other exercise classes I’ve tried. It’s a tough class - never gets any easier! But I have definitely noticed positive results. Keiran is also a genuinely lovely human being and manages to make me laugh even though i am in hideous pain! X

I started Keiran’s class 7 years ago, at 40 and after just having my 3rd child I needed to build strength and feel better about myself. It was so challenging..but so fun and couldn’t believe how by doing just 2 classes a week I built up strength and toned up .. I’ll never visit a gym again ! Thank you Keiran for keeping it fresh and fun 😘 and seriously knowing your stuff!

Keiran's pilates is great fun and gave me back my confidence in my body. His classes can be hard work but so worth it x

I’ve been doing Kieran’s classes for 8 years since my fourth child was 7 months old and it has transformed my figure but more importantly it’s the first time in my life I have stuck at a regular exercise regime! The classes are always tough but always worthwhile and usually a laugh too! I feel fit & strong and am proud of my muscle tone (even if it’s hidden!) and the benefits to my mental health of exercising regularly are even greater! 10/10!

Kieran’s Dynamic Pilates classes have kept me sane in this COVID-19 lockdown period. His classes are fun, great for the entire body and I can feel my stomach, legs and arms have definition again.

He is wonderfully knowledgeable and dynamic himself, but also great fun, very funny and warm with an energy that gets you through the hour! You finish the class feeling exhilarated and uplifted! Keiran is also a genuinely lovely guy.

The hour spent with Keiran working us hard somehow doesn’t feel hard. He knows all there is to know regarding anatomy/physiology and will have alternatives to his exercises, making his classes accessible for all. He has somehow managed to keep me relatively flexible and injury free (even though I run lots 😊). He is committed, enthusiastic and a little bit funny too...highly recommend his classes!

I've been going to Keiran's classes for 9 years and wouldn’t go to any other Pilates class! From getting back my fitness after having children and 2 c-sections to supporting me through injury he’s been brilliant - Keiran's classes were the only real exercise I could do whilst waiting for knee surgery and he was great at finding ways to adapt exercises - his classes are a brilliant blend of strength building, flexibility and cardio. As well as general fitness I've found his classes invaluable in giving me the strength and alignment I need to prevent injury in my other sports activities.

I started attending Keiran's classes over a year ago, after years of suffering with a bad back that no amount of manipulation and physiotherapy had helped.
The classes are hard but fun and I have achieved far greater core strength which has helped ease my back problems. I've also had the added benefit of a better toned body in general. I would thoroughly recommend.

Kieren is a sadistic bastard. He may make you laugh, but you will curse him whilst trying to get off the toilet. Your other half may love him for what he does to your body but make no mistake....the whole enterprise is a front to fund his wife's prolific (and understandable) gin habit. I'm very glad I found you (and so is my husband) 😘 xxx

I have been going to Keiran's Dynamic Pilates for about seven years now. I have not
had an injury in all that time. My body feels strong and flexible and because all of the exercises are low or no impact I am not damaging my joints. I must also mention that Melikoff Pilates may have the added bonus of making you laugh a lot. So it's fun and hideous at the same time.

Angela Murray - Brighton

I have been going to Keiran's Dynamic Pilates for about seven years now. I have not
had an injury in all that time. My body feels strong and flexible and because all of the exercises are low or no impact I am not damaging my joints. I must also mention that Melikoff Pilates may have the added bonus of making you laugh a lot. So it's fun and hideous at the same time.

Angela Murray - Brighton

I have attended Keiran’s classes for 7 years and they never get dull! More than just a fantastic, dynamic work out, these classes have created social circles in my life and made exercise an attainable and enjoyable experience. Keiran is so full of knowledge and makes you feel like the individual you are. Many of my friends now attend his class and we will all continue to! I am stronger, leaner and much more toned. I love myself! Xx

Lucy Black

After 5 years of Kieran’s dynamic pilates classes I cannot imagine life without it. I attend 1-2 classes a week and that along with running has me in the best shape of my life(age 38). Kieran is knowledgable, energetic and brings something unique to every class. Try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain 👊🏽

Britt C